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How to Write an Essay About Service

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Writing an essay about service will require a few things: empathy for the target audience, good writing skills, and a sincere desire to help them. And who’s the narrator?

The narrator is an expert in his or her subject, which makes him or her uniquely qualified to speak about it from a narrative voice. If you’re writing a history essay, your narrator can be a historical figure himself or herself, or they can be an expert researcher. Or if you’re writing about art history, your narrator could be an artist themselves. Either way, the point is to give people a sense of their own uniqueness by letting them narrate their own experience. And who’s the reader, then?

Think of your narrator’s voice as your own. He or she is the one who has lived through your story, the one who knows your point of view. The narrator has lived it all, knows it all, and understands it all. And that is your narrator. So your essay about the service is really about your narrator.

What happens next is simple: Tell the reader. Don’t start with a paragraph that starts by stating your opinion, and don’t start by telling the reader that you’re not interested in reading about the author’s «opinion» in the first paragraph.

Your first sentence of your essay about the service should begin by describing the problem you want to solve, whether that problem is your writer’s block or your readers’ lack of confidence in the product or service they receive. Then describe the solution you propose. Don’t begin with the «how»why» of your proposed solution. Start with the «who» of your proposed solution. What’s the person or group that will benefit from your proposed solution?

You’ve already made yourself the protagonist. Your job now is to convince them that your solution is better, easier, more cost-effective, and more efficient than their solution. In doing so, you’ll put yourself in the position of authority. And what’s better than that?

And you don’t need to start with a conclusion either. Ending the essay is just as easy — don’t give a list of points to your readers, a call-to-action to your readers. Don’t end by giving your reader the feeling that you’re finished with your argument and have decided what your goal is.

Let your reader’s attention wander. Tell the reader what is important to you and what is not.

Don’t need a thesis statement to finish your essay about service. Write at least five pages without one. That way, you won’t be tempted to pull your reader’s eyes away from the meat of your writing to get to the conclusion.

Once you’ve decided on your topic (problem) and your narrator (the one who knows your point of view), you’re ready to write the essay about service. When you write the essay, think of your subject matter as a puzzle.

Give your reader’s attention to the details, not the main problems. That’s where you’ll find answers. It’s the small things that matter in life.

In short, don’t stop writing the essay until you’ve completed your essay. If your topic has only a few sentences left, you’ll be able to finish the essay in three to four hours.

Your first paragraph should tell your reader something about your subject matter. Make the first paragraph as an introduction to the essay. Tell your reader why they should care about your subject. The second paragraph will tell the reader how your topic relates to others, and the third paragraph should summarize what you’ve told your reader in the first two paragraphs.

In the second paragraph, it’s OK to give your reader information about yourself. But don’t give too much information; your first paragraph should provide the outline of your essay.

Make sure your essay is readable. It should also be clear and easy to read.

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